1996 - 1997 Ford F6SC-2B091-CA Proportioning Valve Autopsy

This brake pressure proportioning valve (Ford calls it a "brake pressure reducing valve") was removed from a 1997 Ford Thunderbird. It is marked "F6SC2B091CA"; the service part number is F6SZ-2B091-CA. Original applications include the 1996 and 1997 Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar. You can click on the pictures below to see larger versions of the images.

I'm going to disassemble this valve to see if it's rebuildable. Follow along as I tear it down!  Tools needed:

  • 7/8" socket or box wrench
  • Dental pick
  • Long thin punch (or other tool to push with)

Start by removing any brake line remnants. Use flare nut wrenches if you intend to re-use the lines. It's easier to cut the lines and use sockets or box wrenches if you intend to replace the lines. Note that the valve assemblies are not interchangeable! The threaded part of each assembly is a different size.

Remove the valve assemblies using the 7/8" wrench or socket. Note the o-rings used to seal the base of the assembly and to provide a dust seal over the weep holes.

Turn your attention to one of the valve assemblies. The first thing you'll see is an internal retaining ring.

Remove the retaining ring with your dental pick. You'll find a small spring beneath the retaining ring. Remove it and note the orientation (the small end points down).

Next you'll see a plastic spacer. Remove it and note the orientation (the indentation faces up). With the spacer removed you'll be able to see the end of a piston, a spring, and a brass spacer.

Insert your punch into the fluid port behind these parts and gently push them out. Again, note the orientation of the parts as they're removed.

Muscle Car Research will soon offer a rebuild kit for this switch with the appropriate seals and retaining rings. Complete rebuild instructions will soon be available in another technical article.