Here Now!: 1967 - 1970 Ford Mustang Rear License Plate Lamp Shield

UPDATE: I'm ready to take orders! Here's a link to the catalog page: UPDATE: Parts should be in-hand this coming week! UPDATE: I've found a supplier and I placed an order with them earlier today. I should have parts in hand within a few weeks! UPDATE: I'm looking for another supplier for the material. The good news is that I believe I've found a source. The bad news is that the material needs to be custom made to get the right thickness, and this could take from 4 - 6 weeks. UPDATE: This is going to take a few more weeks. I received the parts from my manufacturer, but the material they used doesn't match the "like original" sample that I based my order on. If they can't make things right I'm going to have to find another manufacturer. The price may change. I just placed an order with my manufacturer to produce reproductions of the C7ZZ-6540427-A (1967 - 1968) and C9ZZ-6540427-A (1969 - 1970) rear license plate lamp shield used on Ford Mustangs. You might say "So what? A reproduction of that part has been available for years!", and you'd be correct. The difference is that my part is being made from the same type of rough rubber material that was originally used by Ford! The shields will be priced at $12 each. I hope to be ready to take orders within two weeks. Stay tuned!