For Sale: Used Brake Valve Parts

I have a limited supply of used brake valve parts (things like metal bodies, nuts, metal washers, pistons, electrical terminals, etc.) that are available for sale. These come from the valves and switches I've bought for disassembly purposes. I can't list all of the individual pieces, but if you're looking for something I might be able to help. Just use the contact form on this web site to describe what you're looking for and I'll see if I have what you need.

How can I buy something from your company?

The Muscle Car Research web site uses an online shopping cart system that allows you to select and pay for products online. Look for the "Add to cart" button on each product page - it lets you select a single item to be purchased. When you click on this button the item gets added to a virtual "shopping cart", which keeps track of all of the items that you'd like to buy. After adding your items to your shopping cart you can click on the "Checkout" button to provide your billing, shipping, and payment information. Payment can be made using PayPal or major credit cards.

Customer User Accounts

If you've ever placed an order through the Muscle Car Research online store you should be able to access your order history here. You can login to this site using the email address from your last order as your user name; you will probably have to use the "Request new password" link to reset your password. You can change your user name once you get in. Please contact me if you don't remember the email address you used with your order.

WANTED! Volunteer to Test a Jeep Combination Valve Rebuild Kit!

I've recently come up with what I think could be a viable rebuild kit for the Weatherhead SF-5355378 combination brake valve used on Jeep CJ-5s and CJ-7s during the 1970s. I can't test the kit myself, though, so I'm looking for someone who can use the kit to rebuild a valve and confirm that everything works without leaking. I'll provide the kit for free to the first person that's able to help. I'd like to work it like this to provide an incentive for responsiveness:

New Product: C7ZZ-7347-C Upper Steering Column Tube Bearing

Muscle Car Research is proud to offer an exact reproduction of the C7ZZ-7347-C upper steering column tube bearing used on a number of different 1968 Ford and Mercury vehicles. The original C7ZZ-C bearing and our new reproduction are both made from nylon 6/6. Our reproduction part is indistinguishable from an original part! Price is $25.00/each plus shipping.

In Progress: Search Products by Year, Make, and Model

I'm in the process of categorizing all vehicle products by year, make, and (optionally) model to help make it easier to find what you're looking for. For now, if you don't see something, it's probably because I just haven't tagged that particular product. In the meantime, you can still use the "Search Products" free-form text search and the "Search Products by Type" menu to find products. If you're not sure, just ask.

1993 - 1996 GM 10223533 Combination Valve Autopsy

This Kelsey-Hayes combination brake valve was removed from a 1995 Chevrolet Caprice. According to my parts catalog the original applications include 1994, 1995, and 1996 GM B-bodies (Buick Roadmaster, Chevrolet Caprice, and Chevrolet Impala SS) and 1993 - 1996 GM D-bodies (Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham) with anti-lock brakes. The original GM part number for this valve is 10223533; that number is stamped on the body of the valve. The ACDelco part number is 172-2104. You can click on the pictures below to see larger versions of the images.